Tanzania, Africa 2009

Dental Mission Trip to Tanzania, Africa

I traveled to Sakila Village in northern Tanzania, Africa in October, 2009. I went with a small group of volunteers from the Poulsbo area to visit a Christian Elementary school that is supported by sponsors in the US. The school is K through 7, with 600 students now.

The children who attend there are the poorest of the poor- it costs money to attend public schools, and without this mission school, the children would not be receiving an education. Besides free schooling, the children receive a uniform, a daily meal and some healthcare.

They are great students, and take their education very seriously. We brought food, clothing, medicine and messages of love from the US to these students. We held a big birthday party, where we gave out things we had brought. I was happy to distribute the 500 toothbrushes that the Sea Star Foundation donated, and the children were thrilled with our gifts. They have so little, and each gift is such a treasure to them.

Tanzania is a very poor country, in the midst of a severe drought, with scarce supplies of water, food, electricity and other comforts of daily life.

Despite the severe poverty, they are happy and hopeful for a better future. They are also filled with a strong love of the Lord. It was a life changing experience for me to be with them, and I appreciate the gifts you gave for them.

Further information is available on the school web site at: www.sakilasponsorship.org.

– Nancy Busek

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