Nigeria 2007

Dental Mission Trip to Nigeria

The Rafiki Village Orphanages in Africa provide housing, health care and education for helpless orphans with the goal of raising these children to become Godly contributors in their country.

Our goal was to assist Rafiki by providing preventive dental care for the orphans and the National Staff at the Rafiki Village in Jos, Nigeria.

We provided dental cleanings and applied fluoride varnish for all of the children and most of the staff at the Village. We identified which children had decay and needed to see a local dentist for fillings and we placed dental sealants in order to prevent further decay. We gave group and individual oral hygiene instructions, giving extra instruction to the women who oversee the daily care of the children.

Most of these precious children had never seen the dentist before, but they were so excited to have their teeth “washed.” Afterwards, they beamed from ear to ear and were so appreciative and grateful for the care God provided for them. It was such a privilege and joy to serve the least of these in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I can’t wait to go again!

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