Introducing the Sea Star Foundation

The Sea Star Foundation was established in 2005 to provide preventive dental care to third world countries. It has evolved over the years from just funding dental missions, to now helping bridge the information gap for those who are interested in going on dental mission trips, aiding in finding the best fit for them.

DVDAs of 2016, the purpose of this foundation is to be a resource for informing dental clinicians of reputable dental missions, volunteering opportunities, and non-profit organizations that put on mission projects and local outreach programs that provide dental treatment of children in need.

Many of us wonder the following questions of mission trips:

  • Where will I be going?
  • What is the cost?
  • What organization will I be working with?
  • What do the funds I am paying to go on this trip go toward?
  • Where will I be staying?
  • How safe is it in the area I will be traveling to?
  • What kind of dental work will I be doing?
  • What if I have medical restrictions?

These are all questions that us dental professionals would like to know before committing to a mission.  At the Sea Star Foundation, we work with all of the dental missions and non-profits to lessen the burden of finding all of this information out for you.

More information on the Sea Star Foundation


We would be willing to come and give a short presentation throughout Minnesota. We would love the opportunity to share with you our first hand experiences on the dental mission field.

  • Elementary Schools in MN
    • We recently received donations of toothbrushes and toothpaste from Delta Dental to reach 1,000 children in the state of MN.  Currently we have visited or plan on visiting the following locations:
      • TCC Head Start, Little Falls, MN
      • Dr. S. G. Knight Elementary School, Randall, MN
      •  Please contact us for more information if you would like to help us to come to your school

Contact us to have an OHI Dental presentation scheduled at your local school or daycare.

Ongoing Fundraisers

Check out the different programs that are helping us out to raise funds/supplies for our foundation by clicking on our Ongoing Fundraisers page!

Veterans: help us collect donations of toothbrushes and toothpaste for the veterans in MN

If you have a fundraising idea, please contact us.

Upcoming Mission Trips

Garde Saline, Haiti: TBD for 2018

Hopewell Community, Jamaica: TBD 2018

If you have any information about a reputable dental mission that you believe your fellow dental peer would enjoy, please let us know!

Click above to see if there are any mission trips you are interested in participating in or donating to.


If you’d like to lend your support to a wonderful cause, visit our Donate page for more information.

Get Help

Are you planning to participate in a dental mission and need support?
Visit our Get Help page to see how we can help.

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